Friday, August 3, 2012

New Friends

Suzie says: This one's my favorite. First, it showcases the author's voice (not easy in so few words) and made me laugh. Equally important is that the ending resonates with the beginning. It goes somewhere. There's a point to it (the odd way friendships sometimes come about). In between, there was conflict. Taken together, it feels like a complete story. Outstanding.

Slade and I had few things in common other than our profession. Hitmen are choosy who they drink with.

That was before the blond nutcase with the horned helmet appeared, right after we woke up inside a cage with swords in our hands.

“Two warriors that kill without remorse,” her voice echoed across the deserted warehouse. “I will decide who gains access to the hallowed hall of Valhalla!”

Slade and I exchanged knowing looks. It must be a full moon.

“Arm yourselves so that the game begins and victor is brought before Odin!”

Fourth time is a charm!!
Slade casually moved toward the bars. “You want money, is that it?”

“I wanna be a Valkyrie! Now fight so I may banish the vanquished and prove myself.”

“Hey,” I grabbed the stare of unblinking blue eyes with crazy-lady pinwheels spinning behind them. “Don’t Valkyries decide who wins?”

She’s unsure and steps closer to the bars. While focused on me, Slade scooped up the sword and ran it through her silver plastic chest plate. I pulled her forward by her neck. Those nutty orbs finally blinked as a trickle of blood drizzled from her comically open mouth.

Stick a knife in a lunatic and the sanity hits them quick. That’s therapy you just can’t buy.

“Guess she screwed up the deciding part.” Slade smirked.

“Beer?” I grab the keys from her belt.

“You buying?” She drops after he pulls out the sword.

“Sure, you did the work.”

Friendships are funny. It’s the little things that start them.

I owe a shout out to Siobhan , the host of this fun contest and the judge Suzie Quint. You certainly got a hot sticky weekend off on the right foot for this ambitious hack!

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  1. You're on a roll and damn Revo...that's good! I'm not into high fantasy, but this is something I'd read for sure. Love it!!