Friday, May 18, 2012

Elected to Run

Here's my latest Flash Fic for: . It's not my normal stuff (If I had normal stuff). I also took the liberty of fixing a few typos I made when submitting (oops). Such is the curs of never giving more that 20 minutes effort on Flash Fic.

I’d run my steed into the ground during my flight, leaving me to wind my way on foot through the perilous mire of the swamps. Still, in the distance I sensed my relentless pursuer.
Onward I trekked, braving the forest where goblin cannibals stalked me. I had no time for their culinary oddities; the nameless beast was still on my trail.
It seemed that for half my life I’d been preyed upon. It was so long ago, but the memories hadn't faded. All I knew was to keep on the move, ignoring my fatigue.
Finally I reached my mountain home, climbing on my hands and knees, praying the foul demon that remained glued to my scent dropped in exhaustion.
Poor judgment that had me scaling the wrong bluff. Before me stood a hundred foot drop, emptying into nothing but jagged rock.
My choices we simple, take my own life or face the hellspawn that stalked me. I drew my sword and stood square, my legs braced. Through the shadowy mist, the cloaked figure approached, close enough that I could smell its brimstone breath.
It dropped its hood as fire red eyes cut through me. It reached inside its cloak and held a stone tablet as a voice from the very depth of hell burbled from a terrible void.
“I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time, but in the coming magical uprising, do you favor Glorthog the Omnipotent or the almighty Valdimesh?”
I thrust myself from the ledge.

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